Just a few words about Deanne Kim

Deanne is an upcoming South African Contemporary artist, she has recently been invited to exhibit some of her artworks in Miami, Florida, USA. Deanne has studied art for a total of 12 years, her style varies from fine art to contemporary, as an artist she is very versatile in creating any types ranging from wildlife, portraiture, botanical to various miscellaneous objects. Deanne is available for art exhibitions. If you would like to commission artwork, Deanne takes on any projects ranging from a single piece to a series.

Deanne has studied art for a total of 12 years, taught internationally as well as in South Africa. While studying through UNISA she decided to start teaching her students a new way of seeing, and thus her Art Therapy Classes were opened. - - Besides being an artist and therapist, Deanne has written over 58 books to date. Her love for children and passion for life led her to write and illustrate educational books ranging from grade R – 12. - Her focal subjects being: Life Skills, (grade R – grade 9, Life orientation Grade 10 – grade 12 (Teachers, learners and workbooks); Arts and culture (grade R – grade 9, Visual Arts 10 – grade 12 (Teachers, learners and workbooks); English 2nd language - folklore and poetry Grade 7 – 11. Business studies 10 – grade 12 (Teachers, learners and workbooks). - - Well eventually the ‘time has come’, and the opening of her art therapy classes were triggered by the Groove cafe in kaapsehoop – when they invited her to be the guest teacher and introduce her art therapy sessions to the public. It was a huge success and all students attending were mind blown from how the art therapy techniques could aid them to tap into their sub consciousness and aid in emotional healing. - - So now it’s the be beginning to great explosions of aiding all the students who attend her classes and week end workshops to expand and reach their true potential through her guidance -2015

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