Artistic Skills

Current Projects in Progress

Painting 80%
Teaching Art 90%
Writing 85%
Deanne Kim is a very versatile Artist who can work in a variety of different mediums from Oil on Canvas to fully Mixed Media, her unique talent as an artist allows her the skills to do paintings from Portraiture, Wild Life, Abstract, Botanical as well as various miscelanious objects. Her Art has already been noticed by various USA based galleries whom has extended invitations for her to exhibit at their venues as well as various Art Expo's accross the United States.
Deanne Kim, born and raised in South African, studied art for a total of 12 years. Besides studying she has taught formal art classes internationally whilst residing in the Philippines and in her home country for a total of 20 odd years. Whilst studying through UNISA she branched into a new way of teaching and thus her ‘Art Therapy’ classes were opened in Johannesburg in 1998.
Deanne’s zest for life, writing, teaching and expressing never ceased after she was diagnosed with terminal Cancer in 1993. Given a second chance has been the greatest gift and she wants to share what she has discovered with all that cross her path. As an Artist, Publisher and ‘Therapist’, Deanne’s love for children and passion for life led her to write and illustrate educational books ranging from Grade R – 12, and thus has written over 58 Educational books to date. Through her own life’s journey she began writing and expressing her experiences –from this she compiled two separate yet integrated books – When Cinderbella Gets Divorced and The Cracked Slipper.


Educational Books Written
Paintings Completed
Art Therapy Sessions Done
Inspirational Talks Done

Training Offered

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Art Classes

Deanne offers Art Classes at her personal home located in Kaapsehoop, Mpumalanga as well as various venues, if you have a group and would like to invite Deanne to come and offer Art Classes at your venue then please contact her directly for more information.

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Art Therapy

Deanne offers Art Therapy at her home on the varanda as well as at The Barnyard Theater, Casterbridge Livestyle Centre, White River Mpumalanga, the first Saturday of each month and at Stefano's Italian Restaurant, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga the 3rd Saturday of each month.

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Team Building

Deanne has various Art and Creative Activities which she offers for Team-Building, if you would like to book team-building for your staff and are interesting in something unique which will benifit your team greatly than there is no better person to contact. Deanne offers Team-building both in Kaapsehoop at her venue as well as at the venue of your choice, for more information please contact Deanne directly.

Projects Completed

Art Works

Deanne has completed as well as exhibited more then 50 large paintings, the variety of paintings ranges from Oil on Canvas to Soft Oil Pastel on Paper, this includes Portraiture, Wild Life, Botanical as well as Miscelanious Pictures.

Books Published

Deanne has writen, illustrated and edited a total number of 43 Educational books for Grade R to Grade 12 in the OBE Education system, additionally she has writen and published her own 2 integrated yet seperate books, when Cinderbella Get's Divorced and the Cracked Slipper which can be found and purchased online at amazon.

Training and Inspirational Speaking

Deanne has 3a vast experience in offering training in Art classes, writing as well as doing Art Therapy and writing educational books, in addition to this she has done Team-Building for a variety of companies which includes ICU Staff at Private Hospitals as well as top high end Corporations throughout South Africa.